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Some Feedback From Coaching Clients So Far…


Kate in Colorado, USA.

“My waist is tightening fast on the diet you made for me, Mark. You are a genius!”


Brian in Glasgow, Scotland

“I’m already down 2kg (4.4lbs) fat in my first week. Can’t wait for more to come!”


Josh Smart, USA.

“3 weeks on my plan from Mark McManus and I’m already feeling SWOLE again!”


James Marks in Tavistock, England

“The best money I’ve ever spent. For anyone not sure about using Mark’s techniques, take the plunge – I can promise you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner. Mark, I’ll only be using your stuff from now on.”


Mark Worthington in the UK

“I’d like to thank you for all your help and advice as my body transformation has just ​landed me a modeling contract!”


Rick & Amanda Guarno

“I wanted to drop a quick thank you for your meal plan for Amanda and I. We’re 2 weeks in and can already see the difference.”

Who is Mark McManus

Hey, I’m Mark McManus. I’m CEO of MuscleHack and creator of THT training.

My work has been featured in Iron Man magazine, Perfect Body Magazine, Occhio Appello fashion magazine,,, LiveStrong, Newspapers, and many top publications and sites.

I have helped tens of thousands of men & women all around the world achieve the body of their dreams – and it wasn’t as hard as they thought. Once you know what really works, all you have to do…is do it! That’s where I come in. I end all the confusion and noise and give you the correct and most effective strategy. That’s what I’m all about.

Now, for the first time, I am offering 1-to-1 Personal Solutions for anything you want training or nutrition wise? No cookie-cutter solutions!


  • Shredding diets & meal plans for a ripped six-pack
  • Diets and meal plans for muscle mass gains
  • Custom workouts
  • …or anything else you need

…put your feet up and let an industry expert figure everything out for you personally!


All you have to do is select an option from below, which best fits your needs. After payment, you will be automatically forwarded to a page where you will fill in some details I require from you. Then I'll respond via email with your full solution within 3-5 working days (most often this will be in a PDF document format). That's it! 😀

(yes this is for both men & women)


Occhio Appello

Occhio Appello Fashion Magazine

Iron Man

Iron Man Bodybuilding Magazine

Perfect Body

Perfect Body Magazine

Sunday Life

Sunday Life (and many other newspapers)


This is a single, one-off payment. Not recurring.

For a lot less than you’d pay a personal trainer for workout design and a few sessions!

Payment is through Paypal, but you DON’T need a Paypal account to complete this purchase. If you don’t have Paypal, after clicking the Buy Button, scroll down and look for the ‘pay with debit/credit card’ or ‘checkout as guest’ option.

Mark...Get Me Shredded!

I will create a cutting nutrition plan for you (calories, macros). After payment, I will ask for your stats and then get to work on figuring out what calories and macros you personally need per day for fast fat-shredding (while protecting your muscle tissue). I will then take those figures and use them to create a custom meal plan for you (with all-natural food sources).

I will also guide you on how to make sure your fat loss never stalls. Please note that I cannot devise a plan for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free or any other unusual or special dietary requirements.

$77 (US Dollars)


Mark...Create A Workout For Me To Get Big!

I will design a workout specifically for quick size gains for you. Since I already give out a 3-day and 5-day/wk routine, I will create a 4-day/week program for you. This will be a hypertrophy/growth system based on the principles of T.H.T. Training.
(Tell me what equipment you have on the next page after payment. I don’t design or recommend bodyweight workouts).

$67 (US Dollars)

Mark...Create A Gains Diet For Me To Get Big

Let me take the headache out of creating a diet to fuel muscle growth. After payment, I will ask for your stats and then I will get to work on figuring out what calories and macros you need per day for the absolute maximum gains possible. I will also take these figures and use them to create a custom meal plan for you (with all-natural real food).
Note: I will develop this based on real food from protein, carbs and fat. All good, natural sources. I will not be developing specific low-carb, carb-cycling, or low-fat plans. Nor will I create a plan for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free or any other unusual or special dietary requirements.

$77 (US Dollars)

Anything Else?

If you some thing else you need help with, feel free to pitch the idea to me. If I cannot help, I will tell you and immediately issue a refund.

$77 (US Dollars)

Need to ask a question before buying? No problem. Ask me below…

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Here are just some of the people I've taken to the next level

Serge Ouellette

“I was actually blown away at how much my body has changed after completing just 6 weeks. I’m on week 7 of THT and I am VERY satisfied. Both pictures were taken in the morning, cold, no pump or anything”

Josh Smith

“Hi Mark. These are my before and after pics. I used your THT principals in all of my training. Your site has the best and most straight forward information I have ever found. I gained a total of 70lbs in body weight!

Myra Marshall

“I searched through tons of websites, blogs, and forums and then I found MuscleHack. The human body is the human body, male or female; we are just as capable of doing the same exercises as men and we should do the same exercises that they do.”

Mark House

“At 45 years old and 297 pounds, I decided it was time to transform. I downloaded your THT workout program to learn as much as I could. I decided to commit and get “serious” about doing this the right way! Thank you for your free programs and for keeping it real”.

Josh Clymer

“I found MuscleHack while trying to figure out why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I liked your website, because I am a very data/fact driven person. You went against the grain on several theories; however you had the facts and data to back your theories up. I got your book, and the rest was history.”

Cody Volckmar

“Mark, you are an inspiration. Stumbling upon your program one day changed my life. I have always had a very skinny body. Using THT I went from a scrawny bugger to an oak. Using your THT workout, I have gained 19lbs and 2 inches on my biceps in just 5 months.”

Dave Arnold

“Mark, I started THT and followed it 100%. The attached pics are only 6 weeks apart. I’m a lot stronger. My body fat % is 10-11% now [down from 15.5%]. Applying the principles in your free THT book is what got me going in the right direction.”

2 x U.S. Soldiers

Curtis Weaver and Steve Stone (Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians).

“[We] have never seen results like this. We followed your THT program and the results were amazing, bro. You definitely have something going. In just 2 months, our bodies were totally transformed.”